SDCC 2011: GBFans drops the word on next Mattel prop, plus figure pics! Vigo!

GBFans, which sells a lot of awesome GB merch, including Mattel swag, has scored the thumbs up from to reveal what the next GB prop is, after the hugely successful PKE meter;

I ain’t sayin’ – AJ scored a homerun on this, dude should get to tell you. So, to find out what the prop is, head over to GBFans! I will say, he also scored some sweet pics of one of the upcoming 2011 figs, Vigo!

[UPDATE] Mattel’s SDCC Stay-Puft. Now with video! And a contest to win one!

GBFans has an early look at Mattel’s San Diego Comic Con Stay-Puft figure and diorama. I know we’ve had a look before, but the shots are GBFans aren’t just better quality, they cover way more detail on the figure, as well as it’s kick ass box (which like all Mattel/Hotwheels boxes is printed to look like some sort of real case, not just a mere cardboard container.)

Check out the story and links for pics here.


GBFans is having a contest, if you’d like to win one of these squishy Stay-Pufts. And The Pop Culture Network has a video of their review / look at the fluffy sailor;

Matty Collecter reveals Stay Puft diorama as SDCC exclusive! [UPDATE]

I was flying through the air when this was revealed on G4’s Attack of the Show last week, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting – if you’re attending the San Diego Comic Con this year, and have $70 to spend, you’ll be able to buy a giant, slightly squishy Mr. Stay-Puft, complete in a New York diorama box! Here’s the official write up from;

Here it is… your sneak peek at just a few of our upcoming SDCC toys! Remember to check back often because I’ll reveal even more as the event gets closer.
Ghostbusters™ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ($70)

Stay Puft is the largest item ever made by Mattel and sold at SDCC, standing at over 20″ tall! Our favorite squishy villain is made from soft foam and features articulation at the arms, head and legs. A huge city diorama is included in the packaging – perfect for displaying your entire Ghostbusters collection! He’ll be available first at SDCC, then here on

Big ups to Cody at the GBFans messageboard for the heads up! Sorry I couldn’t jump on it faster, Cody!

Mattel has released their own teaser video.

Mattel sells Vinz, will reveal next GB prop at SDCC, Stay-Puft a possibility.

Matty Collector began selling their Vinz Clortho 6″ figure (complete with interchangeable “possessed” and “science experiment” heads, and a Terror Dog mask – it’s a stone terror dog helmet, really), March’s official Club Ecto-1 figure.

As well, they’ve released a series of Ask Matty Q&A’s to a number of sites, which revealed the following;

– The next GB prop will be revealed at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con this Summer. Any guesses? This will be their main revealing for all lines this year, with small cons getting one or two figs.

– They are very interested in making a Mr. Stay-Puft, but there are practical considerations involved, and not a question of sales for the Ghostbusters line.

Diamond reveals RGB Minimates most likely out in 2011 has a video of their time at San Diego Comic Con 2010, including their review of the Retro-Action Peter Venkman, but most interesting is the Diamond Select Toys Presents: Minimates! panel, which was held on Saturday, July 24th. When asked what was next for the Ghostbusters line, the Diamond rep (can’t make out the name and the web is being no help) was at first hesitant, but responded that they would most likely be doing Real Ghostbusters Minimates in 2011.

So very awesome. The clip comes in the final couple of minutes of the short clip (4:45);