Get Slimed DVD, Slimer Documentary, On Sale for $9.99

Get Slimed: The Making of Slimer is now on sale for $9.99 at EonEntertainment.

Regularly $14.99, it’s on sale for $9.99. All you have to do is go to and enter the code CHR11GS in the box above the Get Slimed DVD cover.

Here’s some information about the documentary from their website:

Go behind the scenes into the making of one of the most iconic and recognizable creatures from any film. Special effects legend Steve Johnson takes us back to 1982 and talks about the creation of Onionhead (later known as Slimer).

We couldn’t leave this DVD alone. We’ve packed more into it than we ever planned!

  • 15 minute interview with the man who made Slimer, Steve Johnson
  • Over 200 behind the scenes photos of Slimer, the Librarian, and more
  • Over 40 minutes of raw, behind the scenes video straight from Steve’s archives

Arclight Q&A

Didn’t make it to the LA Arclight screening of Ghostbusters last week? No sweat, as the video Q&A has been posted to YouTube. Thanks to JD for the heads up on this.

Sadly, Ernie Hudson didn’t attend, but William Atherton, Joe Medjuck, Steve “Slimer” Johnson, and Billy “Mr. Stay Puft” Bryan did.

More behind-the-scenes photos on Facebook.

Boss Film

Ectofiend has scoured out dozens more photos from Steve Johnson’s facebook page, as well as the Boss Film Rules Facebook group. Buckle up;

Slimer mugging

Rigging Slimer

Toasted Stay-Puft

Stay-Puft blue screen

Slimer’s hallway flight

Second base with Slimer (under the costume, over the performer – 😉 )

Stay-Puft head melt 1

Chug-a-lug Slimer

Stay-Puft head melt 2

Slimer on stand-by

Messy eater Slimer

Burning Stay-puft

William Bryan in Stay-puft suit

John Bruno attacks New York

Stay-Puft (with parachute light bounce?)

Twist-top Stay-puft

You can see the zipper

Terror Dog

Slimer, Inside the Actor’s Studio

[from French Ghosthead “Ecto80”]:

Boss Film group photo

Couch fiends

Couch fiend arm sculpt

Originally from Steve Johnson’s Facebook page:

Library ghost 1

Library ghost 2

Ruth Oliver test make-up

Ruth Oliver make-up screentest

Library ghost 3

Steve Johnson and the Slimer Squad

Slimer sculpt – front

Slimer sculpt – behind

Slimer sculpt – face

Steve Johnson and Zombie cabbie armature

Zombie cabbie 1

Zombie cabbie 2

Rubber Rules: Get Slimed Part 1 now online

Steve Johnson’s new episode of Rubber Rules, Get Slimed part 1 is now online, and you can see 4 minutes of Steve talking about how he got involved in Ghostbusters and the work he did, including Slimer (note the Amazon exclusive Slimer statue he sculpted, next to him.)

Thanks, Kevin and Ryan!