Dallas GBs! Terminal Reality to demo at A-Kon

Live in the Dallas area? Like Ghostbusters? Want to see or even try the Ghostbusters game a few weeks early? Well shucks! You goin’ to A-Kon?

From GBFans.com

Attending the 20th A-kon Convention this Sunday from 12:45-1:45 in State Room 2 are Terminal Reality and their Lead Character Artist, Jesse Sosa who is more commonly known as the forum member “skankerzero”. At the convention they are hoping to offer attendees a special treat: A sneak preview demo of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, taking place in the New York Public Library from the first movie.

Members of the public attending the convention are free to participate in the preview, and are encouraged to dress up as the boys in grey so you’ll really be in the spirit whilst busting pesky poltergeists on the 360. So spread the word, pull out the flightsuit and strap on your Proton Pack.

Infernal tech demo – best look yet at Ghostbusters video game!

Mark Randel, head boss at Terminal Reality, narrates three tech demo clips just recently posted to YouTube – this is as from-the-horses-mouth as it gets. Mark shows off a number of features of their Infernal Engine, so this representative of the Xbox360/PC/PS3 versions. All three clips can be accessed here as a playlist. Enjoy! Andreas, Das ist fett, mein Freund. Danke!

– This is running on the PS3
– New Equipment Setting! Meson Collider! (remember, the basic is a “Positron Collider”)
– A look at terrain destruction (blows up a statue)
– Crowd herding is shown.
– A quick pass of the Ecto-1B (their hybrid Ecto design)
– Show a ghost catch and trap.
– Crowd demo of 1000 people milling about independently – then they panic when Stay Puft shows up!
– Fantastic – just under 10 minutes of footage all told.