Ghostbusters 2 jab in The Big Bang Theory

I’ll admit I’m a late-coming fan to The Big Bang Theory – it’s kind of like Good Times for nerds. Funny and loving, but at a core level, a little demeaning. But hell, if they’re going to keep making stupid pop culture references I like, then I’m in.

Last night (@protoncharging Twitter followers would have known this 24 hours ago) the opening of the show managed to cram a giant hug for Ghostbusters, and funny dig at Ghostbusters 2, all in ten seconds and one joke, when the cast brings home a box of random yard sale stuff, only to find a “final draft Ghostbusters script with slime stain!… oh, you’re right it’s Ghostbusters 2, nevermind.”

Canadians can catch the episode on CTV’s website, and Americans can see a clip, which looks like it will include the scene, at CBS’s website.

Of course The Big Bang Theory writers are Ghostbusters fans… who isn’t?