New Threadless shirt re-works old idea, and wins!

You remember the shirt that would never be? It was a Threadless design that came close to getting the nod, but never did. It was hard to say why… until now.

This new Threadless design is the exact same idea, only a few more details are spot on – the hard blue shirt is a must. The faint nod to the GB logo on the mug is perfect. And Mr. Stay-Puft appearing as a series of disconnected, yet familiar marshmallow pieces… solid gold.

Thanks to Nels and Dan for the heads up!

Not a cheap Threadless shirt, clocking in at $18USD, but certainly a cool one. Grab it!

Threadless collab wins big – new GB Threadless design up for vote!

For those who are curious, the Ghostbusters collaborative design – in which 50 fans were invited to contribute to a cloud of weirdness for the Ghostbusters to catch – clocked in with a final voted score of 3.4; this is apparently a solid score for Threadless votes. I’m still awaiting confirmation if the design has been greated print status. Stay Tuned.

A short aside; my contribution, which I’d hinted about, was Lorenzo Music, the first voice of Peter Venkman on The Real Ghostbusters, who passed away in 2001. In a field of random oddness, I thought a small nod to Ghostbusters and the man who’s voice is forever linked to it, was in order.


With one Ghostbusters design having just ended, a new one appears – this time, it’s a mash-up between Ghostbusters and LOST, with the resulting name; Smokebuster. The design, with a Egon-y Dharma project employee Hoovering up the mysterious Smoke Monster. You can vote for the design now! Thanks to Guillaume Normandin for the heads up.