Diamond Select Toys shows off new Minimates & specialty items (neon!)

More rolls in from Toy Fair 2010, as Diamond Select Toys is showing off new Ghostbusters Minimates, consisting of the boys in civvies and their commercial lab coats, along with an un-possessed Dana (not a lot of Winston, except in the two back in the background). GBFans.com is identifying them as Wave 4, which given their communications with DST I’ll believe.

Better still is a Slimer night-light, but the must-have item is clearly the neon Ghostbusters logo! No clear shots of their display cards, but the Slimer night-light has a release year of 2011 – for now, we’ll assume the neon sign is as well.

[UPDATE] GBFans has the neon sign as coming out late 2010-2011, with a SRP of $125. Also, the Minimates are due July 2010.

[VIA GBFans.com]

Mattel shows off new figures at NY Toy Fair – 3 mystery 6" figs in 2010!

It’s Toy Fair time again, and this year Figures.com has nabbed some nice pictures of various Ghostbusters figures at the Mattel booth – of note are a shot of all four 12″ figures, a shot of the upcoming Slimed Peter 6″, and…

…6″ Ray in lab coat – and he’s got the sniffer (though we’re not sure he’s using that thing correctly.) Word from the show is that Mattel will be releasing six of the 6″ figures this year, which will move beyond just the four guys. We know of three already – Peck, Slimed Peter, and apparently this new ray. So, what will the other three be?

[VIA GBCollector.com]

[VIA ToyArk.com]