Lore of the Spiderwitch trailer

Well, press release FAIL! Atari released this great trailer featuring the creepiest, man-eater ghost on the day of the release of the Ghostbusters video game, but it’s only popping up now. I have access to the Atari press site, and I didn’t know about it! It should go without saying, that if you have not played the game, this will be a big spoiler for you. Consider yourself warned.

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New game trailer for E3!

Atari has released another trailer for E3, and it’s lots more stuff we haven’t seen (but is short enough it’s fairly harmless, spoilier-wise.) Nods to Ron Daniels and Winston18 at the GBfans.com forums for the heads up.

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Ghostbusters video game E3 trailer and screenshots!

E3 is in full swing, but you’re not missing out – PC has the E3 trailer! And more! I’ll get to the more – check out the video first (high quality QT and WMV versions after the jump.)

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Now bring on the pictures!
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