UK ghostheads! Outdoor screening, May 29th! Sweet swag!

Pop-Up Screens, which organizes outdoor screenings of movies whenever the weather allows, will be showing Ghostbusters in Ravenscourt Park, Sunday, May 29th. Tickets are £7, but even cooler, they have created fantastic event posters (see below) which you can pick up for £10. T-shirts with the same design are available for £15. But if you can’t go or aren’t in the area, you can buy them online!

So, fans in the area, make a note of the date. Fans of cool Ghostbusters theme posters and t-shirts, make a note of the website.

Gozer to hit UK, Winston to hit Toronto (etc.) [UPDATE]

Con goers on both side of the pond have some GB options lining up fast.

Collector Mania, May 28th to the 31st in Milton Keynes, will have Slavitza Jovan as a guest! Thanks Bill!

For a rare sample of the reclusive Jovan, check out this classic PC interview with the lady herself.

In Toronto, the 2010 Wizard World Comic Con tour starts up March 26th, with Ernie Hudson in attendance! No word if he’ll be at any of the others, but there’s a good chance. Stay tuned

[UPDATE] Turns out a lot of Hudson’s appearances are already noted – Wizard Worlds Austin and Philadelphia have him confirmed. Those that want to keep an eye on news for the WW closest to them, and don’t want to wait for PC to figure it out, should keep an eye on the WW website. Thanks, Prof.

If I’d only known…

Make no mistake, Ernie Hudson’s “Winston Rules” t-shirt is not only accurate, it is also wicked and cool. However it’s the Ghostbusters posters he’s signing I’m more interested in – given there are a couple of them at the table, they are folded, and they are brand spanking new, I’m assuming they were something handed out at the show.

If I’d only known, I would have asked someone to get me one. Oh well.

So, those who attended, how did it go? It appears Stay Puft turned out for the event.