ModNation Racers gets Ghosthead thumbs up

Greg Miller, IGN editor and giant Ghostbusters nerd (as are we all) has posted his review of Sony’s upcoming Modnation Racers, their contender for the kart racing crown and follow-up to Little Big Planet (itself prone to fits of Ghostbusters) in their drive to make games with a “Play, Create, Share” philosophy. And the verdict is… buy it. 9/10.

There are a number of reasons I’m posting this, beside Miller, who posted a preview two months back showing off the game’s custom car feature by building himself a hotroddin’ Ectomobile. For starters, the gang at have put the word out they’re looking for like minded Ghostheaded PS3 owners to join them in building a wealth of Ghostbusters themed racers, racing cars and just about anything else they can thing to do with the game (something I will have to leave myself out of for now, as I’m not a PS3 owner.)

But mainly I’m posting this because it was made here in Vancouver by my friends at United Front Games, some of whom are also massive Ghostheads (Eman!) and I’m cheering them on. I don’t think they need it, but they deserve it after a couple years of hard work.

Here’s Greg’s review and his two Ghostbustery previews from March.