IDW reveals Ghostbusters: Tainted Love cover

Following on their promise of more seasonal, one-shot Ghostbusters comics after December’s Ghostbusters: Past, Present, and Future, IDW (via editor Chris Ryall’s blog) have revealed their Valentine’s one-off, Ghostbusters: Tainted Love (oohOOOHOOooh… what, no Soft Cell fans out there? It’s just me that hear’s that every time? Fine.)

Click image to see the much much larger version, and Winston’s arm-mounted thrower (very reminiscent of the original, storyboarded equipment ideas.)

Also big ups to Ben for spotting that the cover artist, Salgood Sam has a sketch gallery for the issue on his Flickr page, including a super-hilarious and cute sketch of the (presumably) valentine-trapped GBs. Lots of great stuff to check out.