Russian traffic police video to the tune of…

Yeah, I’m a little confused too – as far as I can tell, it’s a video promoting road safety and the traffic police that enforce it, all sung to the tune of Ghostbusters (thanks for putting out that instrumental cut, record company. Seriously.)

Anybody that can translate (just the chorus would be nice, maybe the text on the screen – not the WHOLE thing) would be appreciated.

Playing catch-up – AZ GBs and GBTV!

I think it’s official – I’m swimming in GB news. So as to not leave some notables behind, time for one of those news wrap-up posts.

If you weren’t in Arizona for the game release party, you can check out video of the event here;

Also, there is a thread at GBFans that reports on the event and has pictures! And the press was out to cover the party, which raised funds for the Salvation Army as well! Nice work guys!

It’s been awhile since we last mentioned GBTV, but they’ve been busy. A particular favorite is this Bob Ross spoof – I don’t know how many kids out there no Bob Ross, but to the rest of us, comedy gold! Make a point of checking out all their sweet video!