William Forsche GB2 images – confirms von Sydow role. Vigo-on-a-rope?

William Forsche, a name you might remember from his YouTube, behind-the-scenes videos of Ghostbusters 2, has a Facebook page, where he’s been posting behind-the-scenes stills from Ghostbusters 2! Score!

Vigo head sculpt
Statue of Liberty mask
Sculpting the mask
Testing Janosh’s carriage rig
Lifecasting Wilhelm von Homburg
Setting up Slimer suit
Slimer statue
Glen Eytchison/Pageant of the Masters’ Vigo painting (as you might recall)
Recreating the painting as a living piece
Dennis Muren and Wilhelm von Homburg setting up living painting

Besides all these awesome shots, Forsche also confirmed what was long taken as a given – that Max von Sydow did the voice for Vigo in GB2. Sydow has an unofficial credit in the GB2 IMDB listing and his appearance in the Ghostbusters video game served only to support that credit. Now Forsche has added to the story;

William Forsche
And poor Wilhelm von Homburg, it seems noone told him his voice was
replaced with Max von Sydow’s. He found out first hand at the screening
and soon after stormed out of the theater.
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In fact, the comments, where Glen Eytchison, William Forsche, and other GB2 effects guys all reply to questions about the photos, are filled with great info.

On Slimer;

Jason Barnett [Not Involved With Filming]
No offense to anyone, but design-sufferage. Any reason for not using the original molds/design?

William Forsche
No offense taken Jason, we all new this at the time but it was a studio corporate design committee forcing everyone to have it look more like the cartoon.

But the best is when Forsche admits that a 1/4 scale Vigo sculpt was re-purposed to make the actor, Wilhelm von Homburg, a one-of-a-kind soap-on-a-rope of his own head!

Big thanks to Ectofiend, who’s always digging up the primo stuff – one day, I will find him, eat his heart and thus gain his power… and collection of GB materials. And he knows I mean that in the nicest way possible. 🙂