Ernie Hudson's GB3 wish-list – more Winston!

MTV cornered Ernie Hudson in Toronto and like everybody else there, asked him about Ghostbusters 3. While he only knows as much as we do (and admits as much, unlike some people) he does know what he’d like to see in a third Ghostbusters film;

‘If it does go forward I want to see Winston be all the way through the movie for once for God’s sake – not an hour into the movie, here comes Winston.’ Hudson told us. ‘Also, I’d like to see Winston have some sort of back story. Where does Winston go? Is he married? Does he have an apartment? Does he live on the street? Who is this Winston guy that we’ve seen two movies about?’

Agreed! More Winston!

You can read the whole article here or watch his interview below;

Weekend Con Round-Up – Wizard World Toronto, PAX East, I-Con

“How often do you get asked about Ghostbusters 3?” I ask Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson, who is wearing a “Winston Rules!” T-shirt.

“Yeah, I know that’s all over the Internet. I get asked a lot…I don’t know a whole lot more than anyone else does. I saw Ivan Reitman and he says if they get a script, they might start shooting in the fall, so there’s a good chance it could happen, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.”

“I read that Ivan Reitman might be getting kicked off the project,” I say.

“Yeah…I read that too.”

Cross The Streams – A false-alarm spoiled their chance to have a sit-down with Ernie Hudson in Toronto, but the guys at Cross The Streams did get to meet with him, and word is they’ve lined up another phoner with him in the future.

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Ernie Hudson hits Toronto – expects big Ghosthead turn-out, talks GB3

As mentioned last month, Ernie Hudson is a guest in attendance at the inaugural Wizard World Toronto convention – talking to the press in advance of his appearance, Hudson spoke a great deal about his affection for Ghostbusters fans;

“Ghostbusters” co-star Ernie Hudson will be in the city for the inaugural Wizard World Toronto Comic Con, and wherever he goes, so do his costumed, fervent fans — homemade Ectomobiles, proton packs and all, he says.

“I’ve never done a convention, maybe one exception, where somebody didn’t show up in a ‘Ghostbuster’ outfit and backpack and the whole thing — and usually it’s not just somebody but it’s a lot of somebodies,” Hudson, 64, said in a recent phone interview from his home in Hidden Hills, Calif.

“I was at the Dragon Con convention in Atlanta a few years back and there were at least 55 people, men and women, in ‘Ghostbuster’ outfits. They make these things themselves which are better than the ones that we have in the movie.

“I’ve seen every kind of Ectomobile you can imagine. In the movie we had the Cadillac so I’ve seen a lot of those, but in Brussels they’d made a Volkswagen bus into a ‘Ghostbuster’ thing with the lights and the whole thing.”

As well, Hudson says he expects to be grilled about a third Ghostbusters film, and told the Toronto Sun what he knows thus far;

While he hasn’t received official word from the studio, he said he’s heard from co-stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, as well as director Ivan Reitman, that they want to see it happen.

“Ivan said … ‘If we get a script it looks like it’s going to happen,’ so that’s the only thing official,”

“If we get a script…” of course means, “If we get a script all parties agree upon…”

Don’t forget, you have just a few hours left to get your questions for Ernie in to the guys at the Cross The Streams podcast!