Zombie Pumpkins releases free Zuul pattern for Ghostheads!

Over the last few years, Zombie Pumpkins (THE place to get Halloween pumpkin stencils and pumpkin carving tools and accessories) has been adding Ghostbusters themed stencils to their archive of 238 (!!) stencils. Starting with a Slimer, ZP honcho and pumpkin arteest Ryan Wickstrand added a Mr. Stay-Puft last year and this year he has added a terror-ific Vinz Clortho in Terrordog form.

But what good is a Vinz without a Zuul, you say? AH HA! Prepare for the awesome!

Ryan is making his Zuul stencil available for free to all Ghostheads via this special, Ghostheads only portal!


While you’re there, you should check out the other stencils, as he has a variety of TV, Film, even children’s stencils.

Great, you say, a free stencil, but I have to pay for the rest? Yup, but ZP has a variety of options – for a mere two bucks you can get yourself any two stencils. $20 gets you access to every stencil on the site and helps raise money for the Treehouse foster child charity. Two bucks is nothing and twenty bucks is a great value that raises money for charity! And there are a variety of options in between to suit you!


No problem. Go check out the stencils and tell us your favorites in comments below, and I will enter your name into a draw for a Monster Harvest membership! But act now, as I will make the draw this Friday (giving you lots of time to go cut a swath through a pumpkin patch before Halloween)!

Zombie Pumpkin adds second Ghostbusters pumpkin pattern!

Zombie Pumpkins, an online pumpkin carving site, is gearing up for the Fall season. To celebrate Halloween and the 25th Anniversary of Ghostbusters, they’ve added a patterm of Mr. Stay-Puft. This is in addition to their Slimer pattern, which has been available for a few years now. Zombie Pumpkins has a sizable selection of free patterns, but the bulk of the patterns, including the two from Ghostbusters, are subscription based, which helps support the site.

Now before you get all mopey and complainy, they offer a selection of pricing – $2 will get your two patterns. So, for two bucks you can get both Ghostbusters patterns. How easy is that? But with 200+ patterns, you might want to consider upping the ante – 25 patterns for $5, 207+ patterns for $10, and $20 gets you 207+, 10 bonus patterns, and it supports a charity. And their store of pumpkin carving supplies is THE pumpkin carving website for the Halloween season.