Microserfs v. Ghostbusters

A chapter from the bestselling book
by Douglas Coupland


Garage sale day.
It was a real “Zen-o-thon” –we decided the time ahd arrived to shake ourselves of all out worldly crap and become minimalists –or at least try starting from scratch again –more psychic pioneering.
“This is so ‘Zenny,'” Bug said happily, as some poor cretin purchased his used electric razor (ugh!) as well as his collection of Elle MacPherson merchandise.
Also for sale:

* Japan Airlines inflatable 747
* official Hulk Hogan WWF focus-free 110 signature camera
* antique Ghostbuster squeeze toys
* Nick the Greek professional gambling home board game
* Ping-Pong table
* shoe box full of squirt guns
* blenders (2)
* vegetable juicer
* dehumidifier
* unopened cans of aerosolized cheese food product
* M.C. Escher pop-up books
* far too many Dilophosaurus figurines
* hunge Sony box full of collected Styrofoam packing peanuts and packing chunks from untold assorted consumer electronics

The big surprise? Everyone sold everything –everything –even the box of Styrofoam. Bug’s right: We’re one sick species.

It’s not clear what Ghostbuster squeeze toys Coupland is talking about, but the minute I get a chance to ask him, I will.

Canned Ghost

Recognize this?

You likely don’t but it’s a Ghost-In-A-Can. If you were to hold it you’d notice that it’s light, like it’s empty. Well, in a twist on the old Yell-In-A-Can or Breeze-In-A-Can, Ghost-In-A-Can is an empty can. Or is it?

The label warns “do not open without proper Ghostbuster supervision” and you can bet the minute I contact Dan Aykroyd, I’m pulling out the can-opener. Until then it’s hands off.

What makes this collectible unique, besides the fact that it’s an empty can, is that it was available only in Canada and appears on most collectible list at US$25. Beyond it’s Canadian heritage, I don’t know much about this item, but I’ll keep looking. What makes this one of my prized collectibles is that I found it in a second-hand store for CND¢50.

If you ever find this little item, buy it. It looks great on a bookcase.