Interview: Jean-Marc Lofficier

After running into his webpage quite by accident, PC approached Jean-Marc Lofficier for an interview. Jean-Marc responded almost immediately (which leads me to suspect he’s in front of his computer a lot) and agreed.
Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier have an interesting Ghostbusters pedigree. First Randy wrote what appears to be the very first article ever written about Ghostbusters for the June 1984 edition of American Cinematographer (parts of that article and the interviews that she conducted to write it later appeared in other magazines, namely Enterprise Incidents, England’s Starburst and France’s L’Ecran Fantastique (roughly translated as The Fantastic Screen). Later on Jean-Marc and his wife Randy (both are pictured to the left) wrote two episodes of The Real Ghostbusters, “The Headless Motorcyclist” and the very cool “The Ghostbusters in Paris”.

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