Interview: Alita Holly

As you might have heard, there’s been word that Columbia would be releasing a special edition of Ghostbusters on DVD. Well it’s all true. Proton Charging had the opportunity to talk to A.H., producer for the project, and huge Harold Ramis fan. The paraphrased conversation is as follows:

PC: When? WHEN!?

AH: There’s no official street date yet, but at the moment Columbia is aiming for summer 1999.

PC: Is this to coincide with a theatrical re-release of Ghostbusters into theaters?

AH: I’ve heard the same rumours as you, but I can only comment on the DVD.

PC: What can fans expect from the DVD edition?

AH: It will be in widescreen format from a remastered print with remastered sound. We’ve got access to a lot of material, like storyboards and conceptual art. We also have a lot of extra footage. With DVD, we have the opportunity to do some creative stuff with all the “making of” materials that is out there. It might take you a long time to get through the whole thing, but there won’t be much having to do with Ghostbusters that isn’t on this special edition.

PC: Trailers? How about the Ray Parker Jr. video?

AH: We’re looking into getting the rights. We’ve also been interviewing the filmmakers about the movie. We’re making it a point to work very closely with the the filmmakers. I have already met with Ivan Reitman and his team, as well as with Richard Edlund [visual effects creator] and they each gave me boxes of materials used in the making of the film.

PC: Harold Ramis?

AH: He is such a nice guy! I was talking to him about sitting a bunch of the cast and crew down together to record them watching the film for the first time in 15 years and he said “try 15 minutes.” His kids have just discovered the movie, and they love it.

PC: So this is a 15th anniversary kind of deal?

AH: We want to make a DVD that will be accessible to the kids who will be discovering the movie for the first time, but still make a DVD that will make the hardcore fans drool.

PC: Any of the cool stuff you can talk about?

AH: I do have some special surprises for those of you who thought you had seen and heard everything, but you’ll have to wait until summer.

PC: It wouldn’t be as exciting without some mystery. I think it’s time for me to get a DVD player!

AH: Yep, time for all Ghostbuster fans to start saving up for that DVD player, ’cause what we’re doing on this DVD just won’t transfer over to VHS.

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