Ghostbusters RPG: Part one

Making Character and understanding game basics

Out of the thousands of role-playing games produced since the invention of the 12-sided dice, there is a little gem of a game that all Ghostbusters fans everywhere should enjoy. Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role-playing Game.

Sadly, the Ghostbusters RPG is no longer being produced and even sadder is the fact that West End Games (an 80s giant in the world of RPGs) went out of business in 1998. However, the makers of the game left behind a funny and simple game system and with luck, beginners to the system can learn enough of the basics here to start making and playing their own episodes. Treat this as an introduction, a chance to evaluate the game, and should you happen to like it enough, you should definitely consider looking around town to find old copies of the game. There are plenty of copies out there; you just need to look.

Before we get started, it should be said that if you’ve been turned off of RPGs before because they’re too complex, you don’t have to worry here. Ghostbusters is a snap. It is arguably the simplest RPG ever.

But explaining it is tough, so in part one will we only cover game basics and making characters.
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