J. Michael Straczynski on RGB

Ever heard of J. Michael Straczynski? Well, if you haven’t you should have. Straczynski, (JMS to his fans) has a long history as a writer for print and TV. His CV includes work on the Twilight Zone (syndicated TV series), Captain Power (that toy oriented Saturday morning show), Jake and the Fatman (a little beyond some of the younger PC readers I’d imagine), and Murder, She Wrote. Somewhere in there he found time to create some show called Babylon 5. His many short stories, one anthology, and two fantasy/horror novels have garnered him nominations for Writers Guild, Bram Stoker, Ace and Gemini Awards, the Inkpot Achievement Award from the San Diego Comic Convention and an Emmy for Best Animated Series.

That series (and this is why you should have recognized the name) was The Real Ghostbusters. JMS worked as writer and story editor for RGB during the first network season and some of the subsequent syndicated seasons, before quiting the show after the suits “knocked all the edges off the show”.
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