Ernie Hudson Big Star chat transcript

If you missed out on the Yahoo Chat with Ernie Hudson, (a co-sponsor of the chat) has posted a transcript.

Hudson had some interesting things to say about his role as the fourth Ghostbuster.

CoolLennyJ1 asks: Ernie how was it working on Ghostbusters?

BigStar_Celeb: It was … the first one was really difficult because I was sort of an outsider .. not part of the group. The guys had worked together for a long time, it took a while to get comfortable with them and feel part of the team. But, it was a lot of fun .. and the second one was a lot of fun as well. I’m glad I did them and glad to have been a part of them.

I had a feeling they’d be special movies, but I had no idea that it’d become the huge hit that it was.

Other revelations included;
– He felt like an outsider when he first joined the cast.
– He had a feeling that the two movies would be special.
– To this day people still stop him on the street and say “Who Ya Gonna Call?”.
Most everyone was interested about a possible third Ghostbusters to which Hudson revealed that he’s heard all of the same rumours we have, but he has not been approached yet.
Hudson commented that as early as his work with Harold Ramis on Airheads (1994) there was discussion about making a third Ghostbusters.
“It was a big franchise and it’s hard to believe that the studios won’t try and take advantage of it”
Best Tidbits: Hudson’s wife collected a lot of the GB toys.
Startling Revelation: Ghostbusters actually hindered Hudson’s career. He says he didn’t work for three years after making it.

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