Aykroyd Talks Same Old GB3 Stuff

While acting as parade co-marshall at the 72nd Shennandoah Apple Blossom Festival (Virginia) with his wife Donna Dixon (Dixon is from Virginia), Dan Aykroyd confirmed the same old Ghostbusters 3 news.

There’s a script that Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman, and Harold Ramis are working on. Business matters are being looked into with Sony. Ghostbusters 3 will take Ghostbusters into “the next generation”. None is this expands on anything we’ve already heard.

Bear in mind that the festival was this past spring, and Aykroyd’s statement is five months old. You’ll recall that Ramis and Aykroyd made similar statements in the months prior to the festival. Still, a confirmation is a confirmation.

“Listen! You smell what the Rock is Cookin’?”

Pretty funny stuff.

A fan at this weeks WWF RAW telecast was holding up a sign that said “SLIMER 3:16”. A Ghostbustin’ nod to the famous “AUSTIN 3:16” (as in Steve Austin. Fans often spoof the sign), which is itself a nod to the even more famous “JOHN 3:16” signs made part of popular culture by that guy who used to show up at sporting events with his sign and a rainbow fright wig. He has a name, I just can’t remember it.

Thanks to Paul at Spook Central for the use of the picture. Click on the picture or link to see Paul’s much better and more complete screen grab.