EGB GBA Game Released in Europe

A month later than announced, Light & Shadow Productions has finally released their Extreme Ghostbusters game for the Game Boy Advance – but only in Europe. No word on why, but considering the franchise is over three years old in North America, LSP may have just decided it’s not worth the money.

The bottom line is that this should only pose a minor hassle to North American EGB fans, as GBA systems are not only backwards compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Colour titles (meaning you can still play your old GB and RGB games on it), but the system doesn’t have territory lock-outs. If you can get your hands on a copy, it’ll work on your GBA just fine.

credit | Woym

Every Ghostheads Wishlist

Turn to page 16 of the latest issue of Toyfare magazine and you’ll think you’re dreaming. Created especially for Toyfare’s monthly Wishlist feature is a 12″ Peter Venkman doll. Nice. The feature also calls for other figures, including Egon, Ray, Dana, and Louis. Sadly absent, again, is Winston. Boooo.

The figure was created by Andgor Toys, makers of custom 12″ figures, parts, and accessories. In the past they’ve done some amazing custom figures, including one of Fletch and Tyler Durden (Fight Club). The best part of the whole Venkman figure story is that for a mere 30 bucks, they’ll sell you a copy of their head sculpt (#040 on the link page. Sadly, you’ll have to do the rest of the body yourself). Now you know what to ask Santa for Christmas.


I don’t claim to be a big Alien Ant Farm fan (though I do dig their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”), but their recent decision to redo the music video for their song “Movies” has caught my eye as a GB fan.

As lead singer Dryden Mitchell put it, “Once we knew radio was going to back Movies, it was pretty obvious for us to go and do a real video for it. The one we did before was [made in] three hours [of] drunken behavior.”

So why is a remake of a music video of interest to you Ghostheads out there? The new video features the band jumping into a movie screen, a la Purple Rose of Cairo and spoofing a variety of movies – from Karate Kid to, you guessed it, Ghostbusters.

You can view the video online at, but you will need RealPlayer.

Tomart’s features RGB figures.

Action figure fans will want to pick up this month’s Tomart’s Action Figure Digest. Issue 92 (November) of the guide has a big feature on The Real Ghostbuster action figures. And I mean big. In addition to the usual, comprehensive Tomart’s coverage (which includes high quality photos of all the figures and a price guide) there is also a much more indepth photo collection of unproduced figures in the line and an interesting article on the rights dispute between Filmation and Columbia Pictures.

We’ve often assumed that Filmation opened litigation against Columbia. As it turns out (or at least according to Tomart’s article) Columbia was free and clear to use “Ghostbusters” without Filmation’s permission. When Filmation began work on their cartoon Ghost Busters, it was Columbia who turned it into a legal issue. You learn something new everyday.

And Ghostbusters begat Star Wars.

In my web wanderings I stumbled upon this great article on the history of movies made into role playing games. Written by RPG designer and writer S. John Ross, the brief history takes a considerable look at the Ghostbusters RPG, which Ross claims “all but reinvented RPG design”. Heck, I’m not going to argue with the man.