GB RPG resources.

It’s always nice to see stuff online for the old GB role playing game. I just stumbled upon this site by Rik Kershaw-Moore, which not only contains two adventures (including one based on an infamous episode of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon), but a fancy, automated version of the random adventure generator found in the game guides.

Ramis pitches bleak GB3 future.

This is basically an new comment on an old issue – at a recent press conference for his new movie Analyze That, Harold Ramis was asked to comment on a possible third GB installment. His answer was both funny (with Analyze That star Billy Crystal chiming in) and predictable, commenting yet again on the plan to introduce new busters and how Murray, who does not want a third movie, has become “obstructionist”. No new news, but a sad confirmation, yet again.

credit | Albert Roberts

Aykroyd GB flightsuit sold.

Y’see what happens when I get busy? I miss all the cool stuff. In June, Entertainment Rarites, a Sotheby’s associate company and dealers of fine movie and rock memorabilia, auctioned off one of Dan Aykroyd’s jumpsuits from Ghostbusters. The verified item (it has a costumer’s label on the inside, which was very cool) was apraised at $8000-$10000US, but ultimately sold, after one bid, for $6900US. Check out the auction website, which should remain up for another few weeks at least, for more information. Like, Dan Aykroyd had a 29 inch inseam in 1984. Facinating.

credit | Ectoman

Code Ecto-1 Released – Somewhere.

April 2nd, the announced release date for the Extreme Ghostbusters GBA game Code: Ecto-1, came and went and… nothing. Constant checking of both the US and British websites refused to yield a convienient place for GB fansto buy the title. But now it appears, in a fanfare of complete silence, the game was actually released. Just not widely. Everybody’s favorite GB internet snoop, Ryan LeClair spotted not one,but three copies of the game for sale on Ebay. With a little checking, PC has discovered that you can actually buy the game from, but only from their French arm. To round out this unusually large serving of information, there’s also the screenshot of the previously unseen driving portion of the game (see above) and a luke-warm
review by Gamespot Austrlia
(they found a copy through strong trade relations between France and Oz I guess).The long and the short of it is that the game is out. If you’re not so inclined to deal with online buying, you can likely order through your local game store.

credit | Ryan LeClair