Now That’s Hardcore

And I thought my model was pretty good. Check out this guy’s Ecto-1a (using the old AMT/ERTL kit) at For a kit that included an on-board PC and cel-phone (anybody remember seeing those in the movie?) some obvious details were left out – like proton packs. Modeler Jim Davis decided to take care of that and in his version he added the packs, their holding rack, slime thrower, a ghost trap, ecto goggles, gloves, and even a copy of Time magazine, with the GB’s on the cover. How sweet is that?

For even more photos and a complete walk-through of the project, check out Jim’s walkthrough. He talks about what he added and how he added them. Of extra interest is the how he noticed how the model doesn’t include a part of the equipment on the roof, despite the fact that it appears in the movie and on the cover of the box, and that the license plate is in the wrong spot! Shame, shame ERTL and AMT. I look forward to seeing what he does with the new Polar Lights kit (see below).