GB RPG resources.

It’s always nice to see stuff online for the old GB role playing game. I just stumbled upon this site by Rik Kershaw-Moore, which not only contains two adventures (including one based on an infamous episode of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon), but a fancy, automated version of the random adventure generator found in the game guides.

Ramis pitches bleak GB3 future.

This is basically an new comment on an old issue – at a recent press conference for his new movie Analyze That, Harold Ramis was asked to comment on a possible third GB installment. His answer was both funny (with Analyze That star Billy Crystal chiming in) and predictable, commenting yet again on the plan to introduce new busters and how Murray, who does not want a third movie, has become “obstructionist”. No new news, but a sad confirmation, yet again.

credit | Albert Roberts