X-Entertainment chews bubble-gum and kicks ass.

X-Entertainment, purveyors of reverent, yet cynical nostalgia, has once again visited the land of GB (“we make things right”). This time they’ve decided to examine Slimer
Bubble-Gum. If you don’t remember this stuff, it was gum that came in a tube. There was a wide variety of tube gum back then, though it was an odd concept. After all, what’s
the point of bubble-gum that’s already at a chewed consistancy? Anyhow, to learn more about this gum (or at least what it like to consume some 15 years after it came out)
you can read the article here.
X-Entertainment’s previous looks at Ghostbusters includes a review of the RGB episode, “Citizen Ghost” and
Ghostbusters and Tacos (about the Taco Bell ads around the time the GB DVD was released).

credit | Johny Knoxville

Premiere GB game developer wins award.

David Crane, along with four fellow video game pioneers, received the International Game Developer’s Association Penguin award.

The penguin award is given out yearly to gaming luminaries who made a mark on the gaming industry by going somewhere no one had gone before them. In this case, Crane and co. left their other jobs in the fledging game industry and formed Activision, the first game development studio to operate independent of the hardware manufacturers, who until that time made all the games themselves.

Crane, for those of you who don’t recognize the name, created the first Ghostbusters video game for Activision, making him eligible for a second Ghostbusters game as the first major success of a video game based on a movie license. Congrats to Mr. Crane and the rest of the Activision founders.