Florida car museum sells off Ecto-1.

After falling on hard times, Klassix Auto Attraction
sold off it’s collection
of TV and movie vehicles. Amoung them was
an Ecto-1 (there is no confirmation that the car was used on-screen or if it was a car-show replica), which sold for
$55,000US – a price higher than anyone expected. While not named, the ghostbusting vehicle was apparently sold to a museum in
Illinois (anyone who might know where, please feel free to contact me).
Besides the Ecto-1, the auction also saw the sale of The Batmobile (one of 5 used on the show), K.I.T.T., and the motocycles
from CHiPs.

LSP brings more EGB to gamers.

After taking nearly a year to hit North American shores with their last Extreme Ghostbusters game, “Code-Red”, LSP are set to release yet another EGB game. “Extreme Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Invasion” is for Playstation (you remember, that thing in your closet that came before the PS2) and so far only announced for PAL machines (meaning European fans can rejoice, NA fans are out of luck). An action-shooter, Ultimate Invasion is a Ghostbusters themed shooting gallery, with players being able to play any of the four, young, EGBs and zapping the town clear of ghosts using a Playstation compatible light-gun.
Amazon.fr lists the game as being available June 1st and there are no listing on gaming retailer websites outside of France so far, but we can only hope they’ll port it for NTSC and make it available soon to North American retailers.

credit | GB Fan Forum