1/18th scale Ecto-1 prototype revealed.

This month’s Previews magazine has solicited orders for a 1/18th scale, die-cast Ecto-1. While there is no manufacturer information, one assumes that this is the upcoming car offered by Joyride Studios. As a bonus, the catalog has some pictures labeled as being prototype pictures, which includes a Slimer figure! What? With a closer look, you can see scrolling, side light bars. In fact, judging by the roof rack equipment, it looks a lot like the Ecto-1a. So, for now, I’m not sure what to make of the pictures. The listing does specifically say “ecto-1”, but the mistake has been made before. The car is soliciting for an April 2004 ship date and has a suggested retail price of $40US.

1/18th scale die-cast Ecto-1 officially announced.

While we’ve known about it for awhile, through various rumblings on collector message boards and through listings at online dealers, the 1/18th scale Ecto-1 has never been officially announced. Well, now it has. The one surprise is that the car (bigger than all previous die-cast Ectos and not a model kit) isn’t being handled by RC2 subsidiary ERTL, as was originally thought, but by Joyride Studios. Joyride Studio is notable for their line of keen video game related figures, including one of GB community elder Dan Elektro. Not much news other than that, but stick around, there’s sure to be more. Currently the license is believed to be of the Ecto-1, not the Ecto-1a, as Johnny Lightning holds the license for the 1A.

| credit River of Slime