There were lights, and growling…

While at my local comic shoppe, and going through the Previews for the comic (yay) I chanced upon a listing for Ghostbusters light strings – you know, like Christmas light strings. These alternate between Slimer (very movie style) and the no-ghost logo. Very keen, though I don’t think they’ll be here for x-mas proper. Still, they’ll be great around the house any time of year (especially next Halloween.)

Win (won) a GB comic poster!

You’re thinking, “a bit late, aren’t we?” Yes. Sorry about that. I know this was supposed to wrap up a week ago, but
I got knocked flat by the cold. Nasty. I slimed me, so to speak.
But that doesn’t change the fact that I got postcards and someone won the poster. Namely, Ben Squires! Congrats, the poster and
the stickers will be on their way ASAP, I promise. As for the rest of you who sent me cards, you’ll be getting some cool
stickers, as promised. I’m even sending them out to late postcards, because I’m that cool. No, because I’m that
punchy from all the sneezing I’ve done.