Legion #4 slated for January 19th.

88mph Studios has sent word that the fourth and final issue of Ghostbusters: Legion will hit the stands at your
favorite comic shop this January 19th. If you haven’t asked to have one put aside, now might be a good time to
get that sorted out.

GB comic issue 3 starts to hits shelves.

Both cover verions of Ghostbusters issues 3 arrived at my local comic shop this week, but the trip from creation to shelves hasn’t been
perfectly smooth, with some stores still missing the third installment. But fear not, it will be available everywhere on
December 1st. Sebastien Clavet, head honcho at 88mph Studios, sent out an email today to clarify;

“Q. Where is GB 3 of 4? I can’t find it anywhere!

The first shipment of GB 3 of 4 was released in North America on November 10th. If your comic book store did not receive their copies then, they will on December 1st.

Here is the explanation and its technicalities.

First you must know that our distributor, Diamond Comics Distribution, sends a PO (purchase order) to all publishers who solicit their comics in the Previews catalog. The PO is required to know how many copies will be printed, without it a publisher can not proceed with printing his comics.

Due to unforeseen delays, GB 3 of 4’s original PO was canceled, the issue was later re-offered for pre-order using two seperate re-solicitation methods.

The first re-solicitation was made through a system only available to retailers, this was done to insure that a new PO could be created quickly.

The second re-solicitation was made through the Previews catalog a few weeks after the first one. The gap between the two seperate re-solicitation was inevetable as the Previews catalog PO is created weeks after the first PO, the one created from the retailers pre-orders.

This created two different PO’s, hence two different shipments. The first shipment hit the shelves on November 10th, and the second shipment will be available on December 1st.

The two seperate re-solicitation were necessary to insure that GB 3 of 4 be first available on November 10th, and the rest of the orders on December 1st. Combining both PO’s was not possible due to the fact that we recieve them several weeks apart and this would have delayed the release of the entire shipment to December 1st.

We apologize for such confusion, many were under the impression that we had not printed enough copies, that is not the case. We always make sure that we print just a little bit more than the actual pre-orders to insure everyone gets a copy.

The decision to proceed this way was made to have some copies available to the public as soon as possible.

We also want to note that Diamond was not at fault as they distributed all copies available on the first shipment. Diamond was particularly helpful in this matter and made possible for this issue to be printed in time for the holidays, therefore we wish to thank them for their support.

The second shipment of GB 3 of 4 (not to be confused with a second printing) will be on stand December 1st.

We hope you all enjoy this issue!”

Aykroyd asked to kick dead horse.

While speaking to Latino Review
about his part in the upcoming Christamas comedy, Christmas With the Kranks, Dan Ayrkoyd was
asked, again, about Ghostbusters 3, to which he outlined mostly stuff we already knew. The only new twist is that
after working on an early draft of a third film with Aykroyd, it’s suggested that Harold Ramis has apparently joined the
not-interested camp. Whatever the case, it continues to look like GB3 isn’t happening anytime soon.
Aykroyd will be appearing on Conan O’Brien tomorrow night (Wednesday the 17th) to talk more about The Kranks (thanks to
Raysgal for spotting that one.)

| credit Bryan Hathaway

San Deigo 2004

Well, I missed the San Diego Comic Con this year and statistically, you probably did as well. Too bad, cause it was a
great year. To begin with, Ernie Hudson was at the con – Bryan Fear and co. as well as the madmen that put the Ghostbusters
comic together, all got to meet Mr. Hudson, who looks like he could do a third movie tomorrow!

Blond, Ernie Hudson, Steve Kurth, Serge LaPointe.

Bryan Fear (far right) and co. meet Ernie

Lucky ducks at the con got to pick up the con exclusive GB comics from 88mph Studios
and chat with the creative gang. Bryan and company not only got to meet an Elvis Ghostbuster
and Zuul (haaawt), but were stopped by Ray Bradbury who asked to have his picture taken
with them… HOW COOL IS THAT? Netsolo was in attendance (cuz the lucky Joe lives within driving
distance) and has a great shot of him and Mr. Fear.

And in other news, issue two of the Ghostbusters comic (both covers) hit the shelves just
before the con (hence the copy in Ernie’s hand) and reports are coming in that the
NECA action figures have started appearing on store shelves, though there seems to be some
hold up for most stores (thanks to Josh Look for the 411).

Yeah! I should have made my URL bigger on the sticker, but it’s still
damn cool.

“She’s not my girlfriend… I respect her as a client.”

Maaaan. What a year to miss the con.

Master Bradbury stops for a picture.

Proton Pack prop up for auction

UPDATE: The first item, a proton pack,
closed at nearly $13,000US
. The second pack, a foam version used for action sequences and long shots (and thus isn’t as
good looking as the first pack) is up to $1000US.
Statue of Liberty model
closed at $1200US.

UPDATE: The good folks putting on the auction sent a few pictures of one of the packs – yes, I said one. They will,
according to the email, be selling not one, but two proton packs from Ghostbusters 2, but a model of the Statue of
Liberty by EFX Studios (no word on if it walks or not – hyuk.)

I got a note today from Hollywood Vault – on Sept. 30th, one of the prop packs used in the filming of
Ghostbusters 2 will be put up for auction on eBay.

“Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has teamed up with e-commerce company Rainmakers to auction off specially selected items from the motion picture studio’s historic prop and wardrobe collection. Memorabilia from such films as Ghostbusters, Men In Black, Hook, Sleepless In Seattle and Bram Stoker’s Dracula will be available through the hollywoodvault.net website in an exclusive online eBay auction beginning Septem ber30. The auction will be available to all of eBay’s 95 million users worldwide.

SPE is donating a portion of the proceeds to the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), a foundation created over 80 years ago to assist people who have worked in the entertainment community by continuously evolving to meet their health and human services needs.”

I expect this item will easily hit the thousands of dollars by auction’s end. As well, the are auctioning off
items from Men In Black and Groundhog Day.