Comic cover sneak previews.

Welcome to 2004! If you don’t
already know, 88mph Studios has posted some sneak looks at the covers of the first two Ghostbusters
comics. The keen surprise is that the alternate covers (yes, there’s a second alternate cover version for
each issue) is by Dan Brereton of The Nocturnals fame. I’ve enjoyed Dan’s work for a long time, even meeting
him once years back (he drew me a keen Death – from The Sandman – sketch, which I still have.) Each cover will feature
one of the four boys in grey, with Peter, Winston, and Ray the first to be seen, with Egon presumably coming out just before the
first issue is released (Feb. 11th.)
For those of you who had a look at the solicited pages in Previews magazine,
you’ll notice the variant art there, while still by Dan Bereton, is much different, featuring creatures like Slimer and
the Terror Dogs. One has to wonder – it’s unlikely that Dan would go to the trouble of making art that isn’t used, so
are the covers wrap-around perhaps? Time will tell.
Also of note, there’s a extra rare edition of the first issue coming out, an
“incentive UV cover”
. Intended as a perk for shops that buy a certain number of the first issue, the cover is
black with the GB logo on it.
You basically have to promise a comic shop owner some of your internal organs to get one of these, but hope springs eternal, yeah?