More Ben Dale art.

I met Ben at the San Deigo Comic Con last year where he was sharing a table with Gabe Bridwell. At the time he showed me some
sweet Ghostbusters art he was working on (I posted some of it here on the site back in August.) Recently while
dropping by his site I found he’d posted three pages for some
unnamed Ghostbusters comic story. He continues to produce some
kickass stuff. Go Ben, Go!

Wobblers hit stores.

At long last, NECAs Ghostbusters Head Wobblers have made it into stores. As you can see by the rushed picture (yes they have faces and yes, I didn’t take the time to pull the pricetags off) I’m pretty excited. For those who are interested, I got mine for $15.50 CDN.

GB Comic to go monthly

While reading the latest
post on his website
, Andrew Dabb (writer on the GB comic series) dropped a keen bit on info –
the GB comic is apparently going monthly starting in June.
“The news is better on Ghostbusters which will be going monthly starting in June. I’ve begun outlining the
first years’ issues (12, one per month plus a special) and we’ve got some cool stuff in the works.”
I guess pre-orders on the Legion series went well.

Another exclusive comic cover!

Whoo! While not announced on their website yet, apparently 88mph Studios has put together yet another exclusive first issue
of Ghostbusters: Legion, this time with the
Graham Crackers
website (the last one was with – see below.) Again, the
special cover issue is limited to 1000, so grab one now. And if you’re not someplace you think you’ll be able to buy the
comic in a store, well, this might be a good place to not only buy a sweet alternate cover, but the other issues as well.

| credit Netsolo