NECA announces series 2 plans

Popping into the GBHQ message boards, NECA rep Randy Falk shared a few tid-bits of info. First off, the first series of Ghostbuster monsters action figures will be released in June, not May as originally announced, though May will see the NECA site cover the figs heavily, with lots of sneak peaks and in-depth looks. Secondly, the second series would be coming out in 2005 and – steady now – would include the boys in grey themselves. Back in February Falk shot down the rumour floating around the UK Toyfair that NECA had the actor likeness rights. But that didn’t mean they weren’t going to try for them apparently.
“At this time I can not confirm if they will have actor likenesses or a stylized look. We are still working on rights and approvals so I can not say more at this time. I hope to have more specific details for you later this Summer.”But first things first – NECA took the first series on the road, showing them off at the New Jersey based Chiller Theatre Horror Con and getting a massive, positive reaction from the crowd. May starts in a couple of days, so get ready to pop by the NECA site for more information about the first series figs.

GB: Legion #1 to get reprint

Did you miss out on the first issue of Ghostbusters: Legion? No problem. Due to the popular response to the comic, 88mph Studios has
announced that they will be reprinting the comic, revealing a new cover for it no less. Sweeeet.
At the same time you might notice that the
88mph website
has been lightly overhauled. And if that isn’t enough, the studio
has revealed the cover for the second issue of the regular GB comic series.

Ghostheads represent at Festival

Brian Fears, whom I got to meet last year at the San Diego Comicon, and crew made a point of showing up at the Newport Beach
Film Fest this past week, specifically for the 20th anniversary showing of Ghostbusters. Their costumed presence not only
made them a highlight for other attendees, it got them into the theater for free. As announced Laszlo Kovacs was in attendance,
meeting much applause from the appreciative crowd.
“It was a pleasure and an honor to be present for this, and on behalf of Ghostheads everywhere [we] thanked them for including Ghostbusters in their film festival.”
Thanks for the low-down, Brian! Nice work!

UK fans get free RGB episode on DVD.

In one of the coolest promotions I’ve heard of, the Daily Express newpaper in the UK joined up with Fox Kids to
give away DVDs with some cool cartoons. Fans could pick up the paper, clip a coupon, which they could redeem at
any Woolworth’s for one region 2 DVD with three cartoons. Over the 6 days of the promotion, fans could collect 18 cartoon
episodes. The Real Ghostbusters episode “Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream” was available on the Tuesday, May 10th. Also available
were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-men, Robot Wars, etc. For more info,
check here
Some people have reported that the disc promises that the series will be coming out on DVD, but there is no information on that

| credit Tyler Foster

Freddy vs. Ghostbusters new trailer.

While the finish fanfilm unfortunately got pushed back into sometime in May, there is good news. The first is that the final
film will be done May 13th according to maker Hank Braxtan (that’s a Thursday, in case you’re wondering). The second is that
the offical film site has posted a second trailer, which includes a familiar paranormal presence that’s NOT Freddy.
Be sure to check out the new peek and mark May 13th on your calendar.