Elmer Bernstein 1922-2004.

Elmer Bernstein
, who composed more classic film scores than can be easily remembered,
passed away
Wednesday morning
at the age of 82.
Even in a film like Ghostbusters, dominated by a pop theme song with endless air-play, Bernstein
made his mark, creating a film score that helped make the movie what it is. Bernstein created
music that drew the audience into the film and often left them humming the inspired songs as they left.
His work on National Geographic, The Magnificent Seven, and The Great Escape is instantly
recognized by film fans the world over.
He is survived by his wife, Eve; sons Peter and Gregory; daughters Emilie and Elizabeth; and five grandchildren.

| credit Ross May

I gots mine.

Ernie Hudson suits up for a snap with
Randy Falk of NECA at Chiller Theatre 2004.

This past Wednesday, comic shops everywhere received their orders for NECA’s series one Ghostbusters action figures. I picked mine up and they are well worth it – the Slimer looks amazing and the extras he comes with, including a translucent green base (so it looks lik he’s flying) are perfect. Gozer with the extra hands and feet are top notch, but the must-have item of the set is the Mr. Stay-Puft. I wasn’t expecting it to have much movement, but the arms do swivel and the head has an amazing, fluid range of motion. Better head on down and grab yours today. A big thanks to everyone who emailed me to say their store got some in!