San Deigo 2004

Well, I missed the San Diego Comic Con this year and statistically, you probably did as well. Too bad, cause it was a
great year. To begin with, Ernie Hudson was at the con – Bryan Fear and co. as well as the madmen that put the Ghostbusters
comic together, all got to meet Mr. Hudson, who looks like he could do a third movie tomorrow!

Blond, Ernie Hudson, Steve Kurth, Serge LaPointe.

Bryan Fear (far right) and co. meet Ernie

Lucky ducks at the con got to pick up the con exclusive GB comics from 88mph Studios
and chat with the creative gang. Bryan and company not only got to meet an Elvis Ghostbuster
and Zuul (haaawt), but were stopped by Ray Bradbury who asked to have his picture taken
with them… HOW COOL IS THAT? Netsolo was in attendance (cuz the lucky Joe lives within driving
distance) and has a great shot of him and Mr. Fear.

And in other news, issue two of the Ghostbusters comic (both covers) hit the shelves just
before the con (hence the copy in Ernie’s hand) and reports are coming in that the
NECA action figures have started appearing on store shelves, though there seems to be some
hold up for most stores (thanks to Josh Look for the 411).

Yeah! I should have made my URL bigger on the sticker, but it’s still
damn cool.

“She’s not my girlfriend… I respect her as a client.”

Maaaan. What a year to miss the con.

Master Bradbury stops for a picture.