Previews GB:Legion HC – by Graham Crackers

Kingpin, who constantly lives up to his moniker, caught wind of an offer in the upcoming issue of Previews catalogue;

by Andrew Dabb, Steve Kurth, Serge LaPointe & Blond; cover by
Ben Templesmith
The Ghostbusters are back! Now is your chance to own this very special,
hard cover edtion of their first new adventure. This collection is packed
with bonus material. Containing all four issues of the Legion mini-series,
it also includes the 12 page San Diego Comic-Con 2004 Exclusive
“The Zeddemore Factor”; in color, never before seen characters case studies
and more. Featuring a brand new cover by famed artist Ben Templesmith, this
may very well be the only time this collection is offered.
HC, 7×10, 136pgs, FC SRP: $24.95″

The hardcover edition is apparently an exclusive to Previews, so the only place to
get one is through your local comic shop – pre-ordering wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Dancing Slimer goes on sale.

The latest issues of Previews magazine (used by comic retailers to order their stock) has NECA’s Dancing Slimer solicited. 12″ high, the little spud dances to the GB theme song at the push of a button or by motion sensors. The book lists him at a SRP of $20US.

One last alternate cover.

With issue four, the last of the Ghostbusters mini-series by
88mph Studios
due out on the 19th (
sneak peek
), you
might want to
check out an alternate third cover for the series. Sold exclusively through
Bulldog Collectibles
, the Steve Kurth cover
features Egon being stalked by a very paranormal bulldog. Bulldog has a $75 minimum order EXCEPT for first time
orders, so if you’ve never tried their online store before, this might be the perfect time. If you have used them before,
I think you’re buying 12 copies of the comic.

Rescued from the Net.

I used to have a link to the above image, but the link died many a year ago. However, during a little cleaning
and organizing of old archive discs, I found it again and thought I’d
share it with you
. The game it refers
to (Aliens Vs. Predator) is now long gone, but I’m sure you’ll get as big a laugh out of the card as I do. I bow to Ben Evans,
who created the card. Nice work Ben, wherever you are.