Universal closes Ghostbusters Spooktacular

I’ll let Bryan’s email cover the matter;

“As many fans have known, the Ghostbusters have always been an integral part of the Universal Studios Florida theme park. From 1990-1998, the GBs had there own attraction called the “Ghostbusters Spooktacular”. After it closed to make way for the Twister attraction, the boys performed in one of a few shows in front of the New York Metropolitan library facade. In the most recent incarnation of the show, the EGBS performed in a rock-n-roll/pop music revue featuring Beetlejuice.

Recently, thier last performance was on Febrary 19th, 2005. ‘Extreme Ghostbusters in The Great Fright Way’ closed its doors forever, and it may be the last sign of activity from the Ghostbusters we see in theme park form. I had the lucky opportunity to see these guys perform daily and watch them ride in the Ectomobile during the recent Macy’s Holiday Parade (which has come to Universal Studios Florida for the past 3 years) and have to say its sad the boys have moved on. Apparently, the rights expired and Universal passed up on renewing them, putting Logan, Zeddemore, and the rest out of business. The only thing that remains is the undecorated Ghostbusters firehouse near the New York street facade, which walls the queue for Twister.

Thought this might be appropriate.
– Bryan, a Universal employee”

Thanks Bryan. I’m disappointed I never had the chance to see the show myself.

| credit Bryan

Legion Cover preview – one yay and a huh?

Like a big, wet kiss on Valentine’s Day, 88MPH Studios has posted cover art for the upcoming
hard cover compilation of the four-part Legion mini-series. The extremely gorgeous
pencil sketches of the Ecto-1, by Alvaro Pardo are a bit of a head scratch however. This month’s
listing for the book in Previews catalog says the cover is by Ben “30 Days of Night” Templeton. Eh?
Art changes aren’t uncommon and we’ll know what’s up soon, I’m sure. Please stand by.

The abundance of art aside, the big news is that there will be a foreword by Dan Aykroyd!