GB hardcover orders cancelled

Last week 88mph Studios sent out an email to everyone on their mailing list that the ongoing series was
NOT cancelled (I’m not sure where the rumour started that it was) and that “Also, the hard cover trade
of the Legion mini-series will now be offered directly from us and pre-ordering will be made on
this website.
What wasn’t very clear from the wording was whether this was in addition to the orders solicited
through Diamond Distributors. A chat with my local comic shop owner confirmed that all pre-orders of
the GB hardcover edition have been
cancelled. While 88mph said there’d be more info this week, it currently looks like all orders will have
to be through the studio directly. Stay tuned.

I didn’t paint it, I’m just cleaning it.

Andrew Ellis contacted me to show me a painting he did that he’s looking to sell. While he could get instant attention on Ebay, he’s hoping to find it a home with a fan like himself. I’d buy it, but my GB art budget is gone for the year (and it’s not even April, I know.) So if you’re looking for a unique conversation piece for the living room, you should get in touch with Andrew (and be sure to check out his other art while you’re there.)

The Ghostbusters are hack

Since a lot of you don’t even remember when Ghostbusters first hit theaters, I’m not sure any of you would remember the old underground technical journals. But it warms the cockles of my heart to know they’re still out there. Makes me want to haul out my old BBS handle.

K-1ine magazine picks a theme every quarterly issue, and in #48 it’s Ghostbusters and PC got to be the link of the month! I get to be on an FBI watch-list! Again!

So while I take no responsibility for what you little monkeys can get up to after reading the zine, I can say you should at least check out the kick-ass ASCII rendering of Mr. Stay Puft.

Thanks to The Clone and the K-1ine gang for the nod!

It’s one of our little toys

Profiles In History is auctioning off some major GB and GB2 props through eBay. With the least expensive item starting at $400US, this isn’t an auction for the average collector, but then these aren’t average collectibles. Sold off by producer Michael C. Gross, who kept the items for years, PIH is using eBay’s Live Auction system to sell them to the public.

Live Auction is a basically a series of hoops that need to be jumped through in order to be confirmed as an eligible bidder during the real-time auction. I know I’ll be curious to see how much some of these items go for.

Ghost Sniffer
Ray’s GB2 flightsuit
GB2 storyboard 1
GB2 storyboard 2
GB2 newspaper

| credit River Of Slime

UPDATE: The auctions are over, and while most of the items went for near their initial appraised price, the bidding for Ray’s GB2 jumpsuit saw the most action, exceeding expectations by several thousand, and closing at $17,000US.