Lots more from Titan Books!

After contacting Titan Books I have a few things to share – First off, the cover
as seen on Amazon.co.uk isn’t
the final cover art. And while Amazon does list the proper SRP of eight pounds ninty-nine (approx. $17US and $21CDN),
they bobbled the release date by a month.
Titan will be shipping the book July 24th. Besides collecting the four issues into one trade edition,
Titan also says the
book will feature “exclusive background features and a gallery.” and “the 12 page
Zeddemore factor story.” Sounds like a soft cover edition of 88mph Studio’s
deluxe hard cover coming out soon.
And if that wasn’t enough;
“We will also be releasing a children’s title in August called Ghostbusters:
A Hard Day’s Fright. In this first volume, collecting the Real Ghostbusters
comic and based on the smash-hit cartoon, creators including Dan Abnett
(Majestic) and artist Anthony Williams (2000 AD) bring the zany fun of the
cartoon series to the comics page!”

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