Titan Books UK republishing GB:Legion

Titan Books out of the UK is fixing to re-publish 88mph Studio’s Ghostbusters: Legion in one trade paperback. Besides a couple of
online mentions at UK sci-fi sites, the edition has been
listed at Amazon.co.uk
, with an August 29th release date and a £8.99 cover price.
It does not appear to be the same edition as the Legion collection due out soon. Stay tuned.

| credit Cheesebuster

GB race backs

Crewmember on Honda’s Formula 1 pit team. The GB logo is easy to spot, but check out the name at the bottom. Spotted by badgermattuk, assist by The Joker.

GB hardcover orders with Graham Crackers still valid!

Sebastien posted on the 88mph Studios website yesterday that all orders for the Ghostbusters Legion hardcover, placed through
Graham Crackers Comics are still valid and will be honored – no need to contact them on the matter.
At the same time, he posted a link to a new interview he gave to
Sequential Tart
Of interest is Mr. Clavet’s discussion about independant publishers and the need to move from a 32 page format to
publishing less regular, but more durable and cost efficient squarebound editions. While not verified, it
would make a certain amount of sense for the coming regular GB series (similar to the way IDW initially
published their Kolchak: Night Stalker series.) Stay tuned.

More Huh

For the 1989 Indy CART season, Duane “Pancho” Carter was sponsored by Hardee’s, which had the GB2 license that year. Accordingly, his car sported the Hardee’s logo, the Coke logo, and the GB2 logo. I never knew this – hip hip hooray for the Internet! As it happens, Indycals, makes an after market decal set of these signage for AMT/ERTL’s lola kits of an Indy CART machine. Now that’s a cool model.