GB giftset back cover

The backcover for the Ghostbusters DVD giftset has been revealed. Not much can be gleaned from it, other than that there are no extras on the GB2 disc (as some had hoped) and the covers mimic the box art (green goo with logos.) Which animated episodes are included isn’t listed, but both are on the GB2 disc. It also appears that both movies will be available in both widescreen and full screen. The GB2 disc was originally offered like this, with a version on each side, but the GB disc was only offered in widescreen.

From the fuzzy blurb on the back;

“…a deluxe Collector’s Scrapbook, loaded with productions notes, character sketches, insider info, and more.”

UPDATE: From Sony Customer Service;
“Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Giftset will be released in its original widescreen presentation formats. An earlier notice may have indicated that the release also included full screen versions, but that information was released prematurely.”

So, no fullscreen versions, just widescreen – no big deal, right?

| credit to River of Slime and Davis DVD

88mph HC ordering ends June 10th

The title says it all. Sebastien Clavet of 88mph has posted that hardcover pre-orders will end June 10th. The book is being made to honor these order, then it will be made no more, according to 88mph, so if you want one, better order now.

“The book will start shipping this summer, more details soon. We apologize for the delay but please be sure that ALL orders will be honored.”