How to get that Stay Puft incentive

So, here’s how you get one of those tiny Mr. Stay-Puft figures with your gift set DVD. In order to get one, you have to pre-order the disc anytime before closing tomorrow (I know, I know, I just found out myself) at Sam Goody, Media Play, Suncoast or Musicland. You’ll get the set for $15 (not $20) and apparently a keen Mr. Stay-Puft. Better hustle though. UPDATE: Thanks to Hayden “The King” for dropping me a line to let me know that the Stay-puft is a car antennae topper! Sadly, Canada is devoid of them, but if you’re in the US, try and get your hands on one.

| credit Justin Anderson

DVD gift-set early look

Well, we’re three sleeps away from the new GB DVD gift set, and pics have started to come out from people lucky enough to get an early copy. The two disc set isn’t much thicker than the average DVD case, with the two movie discs in thin cases, then packaged with the booklet into a slip case. While early reaction to the slime motif was mixed, the sketchbook style on the back continues into the booklet and discs themselves (each disc has a pencil sketch of the movie’s logo.)

Word has it that some retailers are offering an incentive Stay Puft figure (about 5 inches tall) with the set, but calls to the local Best Buy turned up nothin’. But keep and eye out, you never know.

> Booklet Inside
> Booklet Back Ad
> The Whole Deal

| credit Proton Defender

Post-Comic Con

Taking the GBs to the people, Bryan Fear and co returned to the San Diego Comic Con once more. And as with previous years, they wowwed the crowd. The last minute edition to the roster was a slimer thrower, which they didn’t have when I met up with them a couple of years ago. Awesome! Anyhow, I Bryan sent some pics and I wanted to share.

> Set One
> Set Two

If anyone has the July 18th issue of variety, keep an eye out for Bryan and troupe (better yet, send me a scan) and this fall watch for them on HBO’s Entourage! This officially makes them the most visable Ghostbusters going!

| credit Bryan Fear

RGB eps for DVD announced

So, word has it that Citizen Ghost and Partners in Slime are the two RGB episodes to be included on the upcoming Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters2 DVD double set. Someone has also been posting screenshots of the new transfers, for comparison. And I have to say, the colour clean-up looks pretty good. One week left!

| credit Dustin Elmore