More GB2 props for sale

Profiles in History (and by “history” they mean “movies”) is selling two more items from Ghostbusters 2. This time it’s Harold Ramis’ jumpsuit (complete with GB2 patch) and one of the boys’ utility belts. Better jump in fast and take out that second mortgage though – the jumpsuit’s starting price is a mere $8K.

| credit Dr.D (thanks to Greg for links)

Saving the Old 23

Greg Justis, of GB Detroit, has been coordinating a letterwriting campaign to help the Corporation for History, Arts, and Culture renovate and maintain the Engine #23 firehall in LA (which, for those not familiar with it, was used as an interior location for movies such as Hitch, The Mask, Big Trouble in Little China, and Ghostbusters.) You can follow along here, or download the letter here, print it out, and mail it off to the CHAC to show your support. There will be a gathering at the firehall in August for anyone able to attend.

| credit Dr.J

Public showing of GB in Virginia

Movies Under The Moon is showing Ghostbusters, FREE, at George Mason University on Friday, July 22nd. All proceeds to benefit the children’s hospital. If you live in the Fairfax area and want more information, check out the event website.

| credit Jason Smolinski

Sneak peak at gift set scrapbook has posted an early look at some of the 2-disc GB DVD giftset’s scrapbook. For the most part, it looks like some of the material found in the first DVD extras, and other familiar materials repackaged into the booklet. Which is great for the average Joe who doesn’t already have that material. For the rest of us…

| credit GmoneyOwnsAll

Braxtanfilm looking for GB help

Hank Braxtan and the makers of Freddy vs Ghostbusters are looking for anyone interested in helping them on their next project, The Return of the Ghostbusters. If you’ve got some talent you’d like to lend, like acting, props, special FX, or music, let them know. There’s more information on the project on their website.