Katrina relief

There’s a lot of bad information and even a couple of outright scams out there, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Anyone looking for a solid organization to contact regarding donations, etc. should check out this NPR website.

Ghost Unit

Ghostbusters has found its way into the latest volley of fire between rappers 50 Cent and The Game. I won’t explain the feud. I can’t explain it. But in short, they’re taking pot-shots at one another through thier albums.

With a new album due out by 50 Cent, The Game has made an offer to all his fans, in the hopes of hurting 50 Cent’s sales – if you buy The Game’s new album, mail him the cover, he’ll sign it personally and mail it back to you with a copy of his new mixtape – this is where Ghostbusters enters the scene.

Called Ghost Unit, the mixtape digitally drops the heads of The Game and his new crew onto the heads of the four Ghostbusters photo used in the GB2 posters (presumably because there are four busters present for the four rappers – the first movie only featured the first three GBs.) To make things even more surreal, the back cover features a shot of The Game busting a ghost – well, his head is at any rate. His body is Ghosthead and video game guru Dan Elektro. Like the front cover, the back cover uses nicked art from the web, digitally altered to feature The Game.

Now, before you all freak out, understand that by their nature, mixtapes aren’t strictly by the books (which when you think about it is the whole vibe a lot of hip hop wants to project.) Getting angry at The Game and co. for remixing GB art is like getting angry at the tide. Pointless, and besides, it’s more fun to enjoy it.

However, the guy who generated the original art used in the back cover should be given his credit – so nice work to Matt Willson. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say. And credit to Dan – after all, it’s his costume and props appearing on the album.

Update – You can buy the mixtape from The Game’s website, here for $6.99US.

Update – If you’d like to see a larger picture of the album, with track listings, check here.

Greetings PAXites

Well, say hey. Are you here because you got stickers you got at the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend? Well keeeeen. You can keep em. Hopefully you dig Ghostbusters and will find something here you like.