Hudson hurricane relief

Ernie Hudson has posted a message on his website that will be of interest to fans looking to buy some Ernie swag;

“Dear Fans,

To help with Hurricane Relief, 100% of the funds from any photos sold in the month of September will go to the Red Cross.

Thank you,
Ernie Hudson”

A great opportunity to buy Ernie gear straight from the man himself AND help with the post-Katrina effort.

|credit Black Maria

So, what’s in it for me, you ask?

[UPDATE] I’ve got more help than I think I can use. I’ll email everyone who responded shortly. Thanks for offering to help. I’ll do it by first come first serve and just so you don’t think you missed out, I found a few extra shirts, so the job just got easier and the chances for swag got better.

As mentioned a few days back I’m looking for a text monkey to take old PC entries, clean them up and reformat a date, send them back, and get swag. What swag? Well, I offered (and I’m still offering) a Bill Murray t-shirt and a handful of the new PC stickers (see above – the image on the shirt is smaller than represented and the stickers are sticker sized. They’re not actually that big compared to a t-shirt.)

I had someone offer and then he went away (dude, if you’re still interested, let me know), but the rest of you are either busy or fear work – I fear work. That job’s taken. If we all fear work, this isn’t going to pan out.

So, want a shirt and stickers? It’s stupidly easy stuff, it will just take an hour of your life (unless you suck at using Word.)

Email me if you’re interested in helping me out (seriously, I would really appreciate it – it’ll speed things up considerably, and you won’t even have to do the most boring part. I still have to do that.)

Read on for an example of what’s involved;
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Actually, that explains a lot…

TV Guide has a new, if short, interview with Harold Ramis as he promotes his new movie, Ice Harvest (starring John Cusack). He talks a lot about Ghostbusters, mostly stuff you’d expect, there there is one jaw dropper…

…Harold Ramis and Bill Murray haven’t been in contact since they worked on Groundhog Day together (that’s 12 years, for those of you playing at home.)

Go here for the whole article.

| credit Maybe Friday

1984 interview with Elmer Bernstein

In 1984, just as Ghostbusters was going into theaters, Randall D. Larson sat down to talk about movies and music with Elmer Bernstein, the lucky duck. And how luck for us that it just got reprinted today on Cinescape’s website.

Q: As a composer, what’s your feeling about scoring these kinds of way-out movies?

Bernstein: It’s a composer’s holiday, because it gives you such a wide range of things you can do and experiment with. For instance, in Ghostbusters I had an opportunity, because of the nature of the score, to employ an instrument that Yamaha makes, called the DX-7, which is a very useful synthesizer. and I used three of them. I also used a French instrument called the Ondes Martenot, which very few people play – as a matter of fact I had to import a player from England to play the instrument. It gave me an opportunity to do things of that sort.

There’s some great info for anyone interested in movie scores and a LOT of information about Ghostbusters – Bernstein talks a lot about his dislike of Rock in soundtracks, which parts in the movie he didn’t like, and even comments on the similarity of Ray Parker Jr’s theme to Huey Lewis! For those who are curious, a Ondes Martenot is very similar to the Theremin and is what produces that eerie, ghostly noise throughout the soundtrack.

Read the whole interview here.

| credit The Liverstealer