I ain’t afraid of;

Here is the Ghostbusters theme song in list format.

Things I ain’t afraid of:
– no ghost

Things that make me feel good:

Strange things in the neighbourhood (partial list):
-seeing things running through head
-invisible man sleeping in bed

Pick up the phone and call when*
-(see strange things above)
– when it comes through your door
(response can be suspended if you actually want some more)
– you’ve had a dose of a freaky ghost

Who you gonna call (alternately, Who can ya call?, I think you’d better call):
-I can’t hear you

Things I have heard:
– It really likes the girls

Things I have not heard:
(see “Who you gonna call?” re. I can’t hear you)

*particularly if you are alone. if possible, don’t get caught alone, oh no.

credit | qwantz and marlo

[UPDATE] big credit to Peter Randall for pointing out that as clever as the idea is, the list is lacking, but only to Ghostbusters fans. (I didn’t make the list, I just reposted it from another guy’s site) I’m working to correct that.

Boring job = cool stuff

Here’s the deal – you remember those merchandise logo’s that used to run along the right hand side of the main page? Well, all those pages and their news items still need to be translated over to the new site set-up. I’ve done one and that’s when I realized it was a giant pain in the butt. I can do it, but my time is short.

Rather than leave the items in limbo, I’d rather get them in as fast as possible and in order to do that, I’d like to enlist some help.

I need two people who are willing to spend an hour going through a boring text file, striping out old HTML tags, removing annoying line returns, and turning dates from one format into another. Boring, right? But not all that hard. Anyone handy with a text editor can do it pretty quickly.

What would you get in return, you ask? Well, for those who help, I’ll send them a keen Bill Murray t-shirt and some of the new Protoncharging.com stickers.

Interested? Email me!

[UPDATE] I’ve ensared one poor soul. Who else will risk their sanity for a shirt and stickers!?

GB rave in NYC

PC uber-reader, Guyver, stumbled upon this club card on the streets of NYC (flyer front, flyer back) – well, his girlfriend did. And we’re happier for it. Event promoters, Synergy Industries are having a Halloween bash and are using GB (specifically 88mph comic art) to advertise it. If you’re in the NYC area and want to see AFRIKA BAMBAATAA (why can’t I live in the NYC area, dammit?) this upcoming Halloween weekend, you should check out the promoter’s website.

credit | Guyver

IGN reviews DVD two pack

IGN has posted a look at the new DVD gift set, which compares the previous DVD releases to the DVDs included in the set. It’s a good look at the differences between the two. They also point out a couple of errors;

“Editor’s Note: Information on the back of the slipcase indicates that Ghostbusters is presented in a full-frame format; this is incorrect – both movies are presented in their original widescreen format. Also, some reference was made on internet sites suggesting that the films were remastered since the previous release; this is also incorrect.”

I was one of those sites suggesting that the set was remastered – this was because Sony was advertising that it was. Since IGN never said why they say it’s not true, I don’t know what to tell you. Hooray for the vagaries of internet journalism!

Also, they say there’s no obvious context as to why the two animated RGB episodes are included, but anybody who watches them should be able to pick it out pretty easily; each one blatantly ties into either the first or second film. Ta-da!

credit | venkmanfan49