“What did you do, Ray?”

Well, Halloween is here and ghostheads put on their best – this year, two geniuses thought to one-up the growing ranks of Ghostbusters in full gear, but moving up to the ghost catagory. Specifically, Mr. Stay-Puft. Well done to Dr. J of GB Detroit and Brian B!

Have a happy and safe Halloween and I expect to see pictures on Tuesday!

Halloween weekend – what to watch?

OK, so, Halloween is on a Monday – that means there’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday worth of Halloween fun. But you can’t watch Ghostbusters over and over (OK, you CAN, but why not try something a little different?) – so what else is out there to watch? Rotten Tomatoes has some suggestions for you, starting with Ghostbusters (‘natch.)

Aykroyd on Nights with Alice Cooper

This Wednesday, October 26th, as part of his 6 Nights of Fright, Alice Cooper will have Dan Ayrkoyd in the studio to chat a bit. I wasn’t aware that Cooper had a radio show, but there you have it. You can find out if Nights with Alice Cooper is playing on the radio in your area at the show’s official website. Don’t worry if you miss it though, as you can download the show later as a podcast – in fact, Dan was on the show the same time last year. Check it out! He talks a lot about his Grandfather, who was a spiritualist.

Ghostrider v. Ghostbusters

Buzzscope.com has formalized the old idea of comic fans playing Who Would Win, by setting up regular matches – readers then go to their message forums and sound of on who they think would win in a fight, and why. Appropriately for October, they’ve squared The Boys in Grey off against Marvel Comic’s spirit of vengence, Ghostrider. What really makes it is the art by Chris Moreno.

| credit Captain Nate