Tapes for sale… RGB episodes for free

Paul Rudoff of Spook Central has a space problem and a clever way to solve it – in short, he’s looking to get rid of some VHS tapes that are cluttering up the house. If you’re interested in helping him with his problem, and buy a box of those tapes, as a bonus, he’ll tape some RGB episodes onto them. Or something other than RGB (the complete run of Hulk Hogan’s Rock N Wrestling has caught my eye.)

Better you should get all the details from his site, but the man has a serious collection of stuff – It could be a great deal for someone looking to fill out their collection of episodes.

Print is dead

Well, sheesh.

If you came by late last night or early this morning, you may have noticed PC was down, replaced by a Network Solutions placeholder. That’s because my renewal was due last Wednesday and I plum forgot. It’s not their fault, they did remind me. A lot. I’ve just been preoccupied. It’s all good now.

As an aside however, as I’ve been rooting around in my account info, I discovered that according to the records, as of last Wednesday, Protoncharging.com has existed for 7 years. Which by extension means that Q2, 2006, Proton Charging will have been around for 10 years.



The question then, is how does a website celebrate 10 years online? I have a few things I’ve been meaning to do; I’ll probably get around to them, possibly as part of some half-assed celebration. Put for fun, I’ll put the question to you, dear reader. What do you think PC should do to mark the occasion?

RGB DVD covers posted… everywhere.

In the wake of Sony’s announcement that they are releasing three RGB DVDs in the new year, cover art for those discs has been apparently released – I would not catagorize them as final art, as you’ll note two of the volumes have different names than what the press release gave.

Go to TVShowsOnDVD.com for the larger versions and stay tuned to see if they change any as we head towards thier release.

credit | Thanks to Gord, once more and Ryan LeClair for the email.

Sony announces non-season RGB DVDs

Why belabour the point when I can just quote TVShowsOnDVD.com;

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced plans to release The Real Ghostbusters on DVD February 28.

Unfortunately they’re releasing this in a configuration that fans of the show aren’t interested in; volumes with random episodes.

Volume 1: Catch Me If You Can Creatures of the Night contains “Night Game,” “Lost and Foundry,” “Bird of Kildarby” and “Killerwatt.”

Volume 2: Booware of Evil Spooky Spirits contains “Revenge of Murray and the Mantis,” “Ghostbuster of the Year,” “Drool, the Dog Faced Goblin” and “Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream.”

Volume 3: Slimefighters contains “Adventures in Slime and Space,” “They Call Me Mister Slimer,” “Victor the Happy Ghost” and “Slimer, Come Home.”

Each disc runs 89 minutes, and carries a suggested retail price of $9.95.

Currently there is no art work available.

As fans we now find ourselves in an odd spot – do we buy the DVDs and hope that the sales will convince Sony to release season sets or do we NOT buy the DVDs and hope that the sales will convince Sony to release the season sets. Philosophically, I’m inclined to the latter, but as an economic realist, I’m afraid only the former will likely work.

Of the 12 episodes being released, 6 were previously availabe in official VHS releases and one was recently released in the UK on DVD. The first episode, Knock Knock Ghost R Us is not included, which is a tragic oversight for fans.

[update] I was typing quickly this morning and in the rush to look up the video releases while typing, put Knock Knock down as the first episode (it was the first VHS release.) Thanks to Tracy for pointing it out – you posted your comment in the second copy of a double post, so I’m afraid your comment is lost.

[UPDATE] As David posted in the comments section, Amazon is offering the DVDs for $6.99.

credit | Gord for the warning last week, plus Dr. J and Orlando for bringing it to my attention! Paul at Spook Central got the final, official disc titles.