RGB DVDs released – and they’re cheap!

Well, they’re finally out, and the best that can be said is that they’re cheap to buy ($9,99CDN at HMV – Best Buy didn’t get its order.)

As expected, the discs are intended to be low-price point for parents to pick up for the rec room collection of DVDs the kids can trash (the Quick Start sticker on the cover is a dead give-away.) Viewers are give a chance to see the trailers for Zathura, Stuart Little 3 (all computer animated), and Open Season (which is good for a giggle.)

Sadly, being bargain basement discs, the quality of the episodes is, well, VHS. Possibly they were mastered FROM someone’s old VHS tape, I dunno (That’s a little over the top, but Ghostbusters of the year was pretty fuzzy – I want to watch it again, just to see if my first impressions are right.) I haven’t listened to the sound enough to comment yet. I watched a couple last night and it’s not as bad as I thought and I had an independant expert has a look and they think it’s pretty good too – not perfect, but not bad.

If you found copies at a good price somewhere or just have something to say (OTHER than how they should put out a full series set), go for it.

Ramis Interview redux

It’s a lot of the same stuff we read in his last interview, but while promoting the release of Ice Harvest on DVD, Harold Ramis does further outline the biggest problem getting GB3 made – the cost to make would outstrip returns. And when there are no returns, no studio will foot the bill.

What’s most interesting about the interview is that they cast a wide net to include websites, but stuck him with a studio rep to monitor the interview. Sheesh.

credit | MilesEB

ibooks folds – GB novel instant collectible

ibooks, publisher of Ghostbusters: The Return, and Byron Preiss Visual Publications filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on February 22nd. In the wake of Byron Preiss’s death last year (something I had not heard about), the company tried its best to continue without him, but ultimately could not make it work.

Chapter 7 is not protection from creditors while the company restructures, but rather the move to liquidate all assets – presumably this means the GB novel will be sold off to some other party in the coming year. Time will tell.

If you don’t have a copy of the book already, you’d best start looking around, fast. Amazon no longer has any copies available and their associated stores are asking for upwards of $88US… used.

credit | 88mph Studios

Ghostbusters 2 to show in SoCal

The La Jolla Village Cinemas will be holding a 7-week series of midnight movies in April, and the theme is sequels. While you can’t go wrong with Terminator 2 and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, Ghostbusters 2 will be showing April 8th, so mark your calendar.

Bryan Fear of the WestCoastBusters will be there, I’m sure in full gear – word has it that the theater is looking for a replica Ecto-1 to put in an appearance, so if you have one (I looked in all my coat pockets, I don’t have one), you should contact them. Free popcorn, easy.

And this is a really good time to mention that the WestCoastBusters (THE hardest working GB team I know – they show up EVERYWHERE!) have overhauled their website. Check it out!

credit | WestCoastBusters