“I think it’s one of the fettucini’s”

Brandon Bird (if you don’t recognize the name, go here) recently organized a gallery showing entitled Boom and Bust. In short, he and a couple of other artists created a piece of art to accompany an audio story. The story, you’ll be interested to know, was The Ghostbusters Meet the Ghost Riders read-along book.

So, put on your art hat and enjoy – the results are pretty damn cool. You can download the Ghost Rider tracks, but they may have been edited, so don’t consider them a faithful reproduction of the read-along tape.

[UPDATE] While looking through his past work, I found this piece he did for The Believer. Did you know Aykroyd supposedly means Shining Hero in Chinese? I didn’t.

[UPDATE] I liked the show and said as much to Mr. Bird. When asked how the idea for the show came about, I got this reply;
“For nearly two decades, my younger brother and I had enjoyed the ‘Ghostbusters meet the Ghost Riders’ book on tape. Specifically, we enjoyed how completely unfaithful it was to any Ghostbusters canon before or since, and how its author obviously liked cowboys and mining more than ghosts. So a while ago I thought, ‘I will turn this into an art show, and use the tape as the guided audio tour.'”

credit | Chris and Lin (who’re way hipper than I am)

GB 1&2 repackaged DVDs out today

This is a minor note – the “repackaged” DVDs are out today. The two DVD gift-set was never intended to be available forever – instead Sony is breaking them up into individual films. Same green goo cover, normal DVD case, one for Ghostbusters and one for Ghostbusters 2.

The gift-sets are still fairly available, so if you haven’t picked it up, you might want to. And if you ever thought about buying it for someone else, the gift-sets are the better deal, so buy them while you still can.


Someone has produced a GB multiplayer RPG – I haven’t had a lot of time to check it out, but while they’ve been working on it for months, the response has been low. So, in lieu of actually having a chance to play the game, I thought I’d spread the word. The application you’ll need to play it can be found here.

And since we’re on the topic of fan created games, SadJason has been working on an old school GB sidescroller, with some awesome sprite art.